Dak's Vision

    To be the premier healthcare information technology assessment, planning, and strategy consultancy and the industry leader of health information management - by providing exceptional value to Dak's customers in electronic health and financial record component technologies and systems.

Dak's Mission

    To advance Dak's clients' information technology investments and management performance by remaining customer-centered and quality-focused.

Dak's Values

    Committed to promote:

    Honesty and Integrity

      Dak advocates and emulates high ethical conduct in all the projects Dak undertakes.

    Goal Orientation

      Dak takes initiative, brings a positive attitude, and uses creativity to resolve the complexities of getting Dak's projects completed on time and within budget.


      Dak endeavors to generate a sense of pride in its accomplishments and for the healthcare organizations it serves.


      Dak strives to achieve the highest standards of project excellence.

Dak sells independent, third party, IT advisory consulting services.

    Dak does not sell hardware/software products or related services, such as systems integration services. In other words, Dak has no direct or indirect relationships with ANY hardware, software or service vendors. Therefore, Dak does not have the burden of conflicts of interest which are inherently caused by vendor stock investments, product sales, or implementation affiliations. Instead, Dak is allowed to provide objective assessments of technologies, applications and vendors, because in no way does Dak personally or financially benefit from its advice or recommendations.

Dak provides services on an individualized, one-on-one basis throughout the contracted project.

    However, when required, Dak relies on its comprehensive database of leading, industry-respected, independent subcontractors to help Dak in selected portions of the project. 

Dak remains one of the pioneers in approaches to achieving Electronic Patient Records.

    Dak's principal was involved in the design and implementation of the country's first computerized provider order entry (CPOE) and clinical documentation system for healthcare provider organizations.

    Dak was one of the pioneers in electronic document and diagnostic image management technologies for the healthcare industry.

    Currently, Dak is successfully positioning and leveraging Internet-derived technologies for healthcare organizations.

    As a result, Dak's unparalleled experience in and knowledge of all major segments of healthcare information technology have become essential qualifications in understanding the scope and complexity of a client's particular needs.

Dak brings corporate groups together through a structured, collaborative process that handles multiple technology opportunities in a coordinated and efficient manner. 

    Dak's principal has the personal skills to guide groups through the many hurdles of their complex assignments.

    Because Dak well understands the healthcare provider business and culture, Dak successfully transfers IT expertise to Dak's clients so they become self-sustaining.

Since 1986, the principal of Dak has successfully assisted well over two hundred healthcare provider organizations in the strategy and planning of healthcare information systems and technologies.

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