Dak Systems Consulting -
  30+ years of success!

Information Technology Assessment, Planning and Strategy Services for Healthcare Organizations

Dak's professional services include:

    Advisory consulting spanning clinical transformation and revenue cycle management
    In-depth technology planning, readiness assessment, and gap analysis
    Optimizing clinical and financial workflows / processes
    Managing the secure exchange of healthcare information
    Assessing existing information technologies
    Developing information technology initiatives / strategies
    Assessing information technology readiness / requirements / risks
    Preparing executable strategic and operational IT plans
    Developing implementation plans for enterprise PACS, document management systems, content management systems, workflow technologies, portals / intranets
    Delivering value-laden, pre-and post-implementation workflow process maps
    Preparing Electronic Health Record and Revenue Cycle Management component system and technology design specifications
    Designing integration strategies for Electronic Patient Record (Health and Financial) component systems and technologies into existing technology environments
    Analyzing Returns on Investment (ROIs)
    Supporting the selection of vendor / product hardware / software / services
    Interviewing / surveying organization stakeholders
    Leveraging existing IT investments to develop broader, enterprise platforms
    Determining needs for an information architecture

Dak's clients include a variety of healthcare provider organizations:

    Major academic teaching hospitals
    Integrated healthcare delivery networks
    Post-acute care facilities, such as home care organizations
    Physician practices
    Managed care organizations

On many occasions Dak Systems Consulting is retained by large healthcare information technology consulting firms in short-term need of persons with solid industry background and technical experience.

For over two decades, the client base of Dak Systems Consulting has grown both in size and stature. This has occurred primarily through the referrals of satisfied clients.

Dak is financed totally from its revenue stream, based on a high volume of work and low overhead.

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