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Diagnostic Image
      Management Systems

Vendor Neutral Archives (VNAs)

Voice / Text / Speech Systems

Dictation Systems (Voice)
Transcription Systems (Text)
Speech Recognition Systems (Speech)
     Encounters-based Speech
     Orders-based Speech
     Front-end Clinician Editing
     Back-end Transcriptionist Editing
Clinical Language Understanding /
Natural Language Processing

Electronic Document
      Management Systems

Content Management
Document Imaging
Document Management
eForms Management
eSignature Management
Output / Print Management
Records Management
Workflow / Process Management


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Other Electronic Patient
        Record Initiatives

Legal EHR
Computer-assisted Coding (CAC) Systems
Code Mapping Tools
Terminology/Vocabulary Management Tools
Clinical Language Understanding/
Natural Language Processing

Health Information Exchange

Collaborative Technology Solutions
     Clinical Messaging
     Secure Messaging
Continuity of Care Records / Documents (CCRs/CCDs)
Inter-facility Interoperability
Intra-facility Interoperability
PDF Healthcare

Internet Technologies

Enterprise Social Networking Software
eMail Management
Portals (Patient / Clinician)
Web (Health) 2.0
Web Content Management Systems